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The man behind our mess… June 5, 2011

I realize as a mother, our poor husbands are left unrecognized.  I want to make sure that I sing praises to Chad, because without his involvement I would not be sain.  A perfect example would be our daughter Mackinley’s first slumber party.  Most men would find another place to reside for the evening, my hubby stayed the entire time, AND got up the next morning and made a “Hotel Style” breakfast for the girls…I use “hotel style” because that was what one of the girls said, “this is like eating in a hotel!” 

We have certainly had some growing pains over the last 10 years, but our faith, and love in one another has made our bond that much stronger.  Song of Songs 5:10 says My lover is radiant and ruddy, outstanding among ten thousand.  That’s my man…he has a servant heart that radiates, and he is most definitely outstanding way amoung thousands!!!


One Response to “The man behind our mess…”

  1. Nona Hudson Says:

    Yeah Stacey for that special report on your hubby, he is a keeper and so are you!!! Happy 10th anniversary and we are so proud of you both!!!!! Mimi and Pop Prov. 3:5,6

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