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First Date…Tea for Two… June 27, 2011

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Mackinley and I had our first date of our bible study we are doing,  Secret Keeper Girl (SKG), 8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters by Dannah Gresh.  I loved reading this book, I have actually recommended this book to my friends with little girls.  She also has another book that was also very helpful and a very easy read called How to Keep the Little in your Girl.  SKG gives really helpful tips on how to help raise Godly young ladies.  Date #1 “Your Beauty in God’s Eyes” suggested setting was taking your daughter to a tea room.  We used the lake house next to the restaurant, which has a very pretty view of Lake Pagett.  It’s these moments when I see Mack as such a young woman.  Our time one on one is so precious, she was so excited and appreciative of our time together…I cherished today with her.  The tea setting was to show our value in God’s eyes, how that value will not change, but how the world can judge our actions as a believer through the ways we dress, talk, and through our actions.  So, to start off I had three different types of cups ceramic, styrofoam, and china.  We compared the value of each cup, in the end we decided that we want the world to see us the way God does, like a beautiful piece of china…

The verse was Isaiah 64:8 We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.  After our tea, Mackinley wanted to walk down to the lake.  Down on the dock we completed the devotion with a “value evaluation” to see if we are ceramic, styrofoam, or china in our walk and how can we move toward presenting ourselves as priceless china.  Mackinley wanted to see which one of us had the most “china” marks, well, I’m a little embarrassed to say, Mackinley had more:-(  Next week, is “Real Physical Beauty”, we are going to give each other facials and go get pedi’s.

I am very excited to say that our tomato has a sprout!!!

Avaree lost her first tooth yesterday…and here are some pics I thought you may enjoy…


LOLCS Vacation Bible School June 26, 2011

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This weeks VBS was, Full Throttle for God.  Their school had a couple of race cars that the kids were able to actually sit in.  Obviously, we had some issues with who was going to sit in the car.  The lines to sit in the car were long and there were parents that wanted to get the perfect pose for each of the children.  If the Hudson’s would have done that…we would still be at the school.  Gunner was the quickest, therefore, the quickest sat in the driver seat.  In this pic Reagan was standing in for Danica Patrick.  There was one 2nd grade girl who won a tire that belonged to Richard Petty, he even autographed it.

Look at that beautiful group of children!!  While they may be smiling now, just moments prior they were all fighting once again over who would be the driver…but, look at them grinning and baring it…it’s amazing what a stern word from daddy can do.

Now, I bet you will never guess where we went next…Baskin Robbins!!!  Fish and daddy love their mint chocolate chip, yummy!!!

Look at that little face…that is a face of pure contentment!!!  Is that not one of the cutest faces EVER!!!???

And now…Introducing the newest pirate…AAAARRRRH!!

 Lastly, a few updates…We are waiting on the results of Fisher’s allergy test.  We took him Thursday, hopefully we will know something by Monday.  And still waiting to see some sort of spout from our peppers and tomatoes…still nothing.  We are only on day 7, should see something soon…hopefully;-)  We have our spot in the yard picked out, and Gunner is going to start priming the wood of the gardening box this week…stay tuned… 

Almost forgot…Fish got his first busted eye.  Let’s just say Vixie and Naarah were playing alittle rough, unfortunately, Fisher received the brunt of it, but he is fine, obviously.


Vacation Bible School June 18, 2011

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This week the kids went to VBS at our church.  The theme was the Big Apple, so everything was based around New York.  When I asked Avaree what she learned she told me, she learned how to play hopscotch, Jesus, Peter, James, and John in the sail boat, wordless book, and Jesus dying on the cross…I’m sure there is so much more she has forgotten. 

Well, even though we have never been to the Big Apple, the kido’s were able to get their pics taken in Time Square,  Gunner got to drive a cab, Avaree got to be a passenger in the back of the cab.  What would New York be without visiting Lady Liberty?

Oh…there she is!  My, she certainly looks larger on television!!  God Bless America!!  I think they had quit an adventure, maybe one day soon we will all get to experience the Big Apple.

Next week, they get to go to VBS at their school.  The theme is race cars…Rev it Up, Full throttle for God.  Also, we are preparing to plant a garden…should be interesting.  We have tomatoes, cukes, spinach, peppers, carrots, lettuce, and squash…


Visit from Poppie & Grammy… June 12, 2011

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This weekend we have the privilege of celebrating Great-Aunt Ruth’s 90th birthday as well as visiting with same family we don’t  see often enough.  First we get a nice visit with Poppie and Grammy Fisher…









Sharing some ice-cream with Poppie, not sure how much Poppie actually got, or should I say how much Fisher got…in his mouth.  We had fun and look forward to tomorrow with the fam at Myakka River State Park, should be hot and a lot of fun!! 


Things we like to do at the library…

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Chad and I thought that Reagan was in need of a mommy day.  So, what better way to start a day than a mani and pedi?

We really enjoyed our time together, Rea is a girl after my own heart.  What girl doesn’t enjoy being pampered?  She had a lot of fun with her nail colors.  Purple glitter for her toes and red glitter for her nails.

After a couple of hours of rejuvenating our feet and hands, it was time to meet the other half of our precious flock to stimulate our sight with some reading…off to the library!

Today we discovered there is so much more to do at our local library than just read.  A few of our friends met us at the library, so socializing…quietly of course, is something we do at the library.  Here you will see that Avaree and our friend Claire are discussing a few good books and videos they enjoy while they are at the library, as Reagan actual reads at the library…what a concept!

Sometimes napping is even done at the library as you will witness.  So, sleeping is something you can do at the library…

Sssssshhhh…baby sleeping.  Now as you will also see below something to do quietly at the library is make funny faces…

Lastly, they have story time for babies at the library…

The cute little blonde in this picture is Fisher future wife, we’re going back to arranged marriages, that’s Caris…she’s a cutie!!


A day of discovery… June 8, 2011

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This week we are going to visit the Glazer’s Children’s Museum.  This Summer the museum is doing $2 Tuesdays.  The first Tuesday of the month, each person, child or adult gets in for $2.

Let me start off saying…there is no deal good enough to have to wait in a line that wraps around the building in 95 degree heat, humid heat at that with 5 complaining children!!!!  We will not be going on a Tuesday to the Glazers Childrens Museum.  The museum itself was awsome, the crowd however was not.  It was very overwhelmimg trying to keep up with all the kidos…they loved it!!  Todays lesson was definitely patience, I think, on a scale of 1-10 I was a 7, not bad.

Rock climbing in their future?  Only a Hudson kid would attempt to rock climb without her shoes. 

No, this is not a litter box, it is an area for the kids to explore what is suppose to be buried treasure, some of which appears to be something a kitten may have buried.  It was actually very neat.  The sand inside was tiny pieces of rubber, which is a good thing being that the children in there were tossing sand at one another.  Mackie is stricking a pose for the camera, she is the artifical beach diva…and don’t you forget it! 

Ahoy!!  Reagan posing as a pirate…she definitely fits the part with her missing incisor, a cute pirate, arrrrh!

What would a day to the museum be without treating oursevles to some Basken Robbins…Yum Yum!!!



We all had fun today, it was a great day!  We’ll definitely return, just not on a Tuesday…




Learning to sort the laundry… June 6, 2011

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We are learning team work, and the benefits and rewards of hard work…it’s amazing what a little candy can do;-)  I struggle deligating jobs that I can do myself, but I know that they do need to learn responsibilities, it helps build good character. 

In the Hudson’s household we do not discriminate…anyone can sort laundry…