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Fort Wilderness 2011… August 19, 2011

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On most trips to Fort Wilderness we spend most of our time at the campground.  This trip a very dear friend of our family provided us with  tickets to go to Disney, so we were able to enjoy the Magic Kingdom, and because of the pool at Fort Wilderness being the temp. of a luke warm bath (don’t want to put too much thought into why), we decided to do some pool hoping around disney resorts.  This pic was us getting on the ferry to go over to the Contemporary, which is the hotel where the Disney monorail travels through.

To the right you will see Remi and Mack enjoying a little snack while the others kidos went with Daddy to rife Space Mountain.  I have to say Reagan, Avaree, and Gunner went on SM twice, once with Dad and then again with Mom.

After a day of sweating in your diaper, what could be more relaxing than a nice bath in your garden tub?  We had the pleasure of family and some friends come and visit while we were in Orlando, we even had Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ron from Kentucky come as well. 


Oh look, it’s the scurvy pirates, or is that Jack Sparo? 
To be continued…


Our baby boy is growing up… July 9, 2011

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It’s hard to believe a year ago Fish was born into this world.  What a precious face…

Fisher was able to enjoy some cake for his birthday, gluten, milk, and soy free…delightful!!  Truthfully it wasn’t half bad.  He didn’t seem to care, he was a little hesitant at first, like he is with any food you put in front of him, but once he got a little taste of the chocolate on top…it was gone!!  There were even a few other brave little people who decided to try it. 

I thought this was so sweet, Gunner giving his baby brother a little rub on his head…he is so proud to have another little man is the family, also appearing to be patiently waiting and wishing he would hurry up and take the first bite of his cupcake were the little people waiting behind him so that they could get their pick of the cupcakes…

Fisher waiting for his birthday kiss from his little woman…actually they didn’t want much to do with one another, usually Caris is trying to tackle him and he is screaming.  Fisher was more fascinated with Daddy’s pen, and Caris was looking around for her mama.



Bowling… June 30, 2011

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Today we ventured out to Z-hylls to knock down some pins.  They all did great!!   The gentleman next to us gave the kidos some tips on proper bowling etiquette.  He was very nice about it.  Luckily we had the bumpers up…there would have been a few gutter balls.  There were a few ceiling tiles missing but for the most part we stayed in our own lane, except Nia-peah who attempted to knock down the pins in the lane next to us…you did good, girl!!!  We played hard, so hard that some had to take beverage breaks regularly…Remi, she was just soooooooooooo thirsty!!!  Some of the issues we had were minor, such as the fact that bowling shoes are just that, bowling shoes, they are not supposed to be pretty, I’m mean, really who would want to steal bowling shoes?  Bowling shoes do not come in boy colors, and they do not come in exact sizes.  There was some drama with the shoes.  

























And of course little Fish was there cheering everyone on.  Update for the fam on Fisher’s allergies…our sweet baby is allergic to, wheat, egg whites, peanuts, milk, this includes goats milk, he is also allergic to soy, and sadly he is allergic to the dogs:-(  Naarah is no longer permitted upstairs.  We have scheduled an appointment with an allergists July 13th.  At that time we will know more than we do now of what foods he can eat. Most important is to make sure he is getting his calcium for his little bones…he ate a little too many prunes today…lets just say, the boys’ colon is cleansed!!  I will say just since yesterday when we found out, he has had no dairy, and his bedroom has been cleaned of hopefully most of the dog hair, and he sounds better, has hardly coughed at all, and did not have to wipe his nose once…will continue to keep everyone up to date with how he is doing.  Chad was saying we should certainly count our blessing…6 kids and the worst we’ve dealt with is food allergies, God is great!!!!




LOLCS Vacation Bible School June 26, 2011

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This weeks VBS was, Full Throttle for God.  Their school had a couple of race cars that the kids were able to actually sit in.  Obviously, we had some issues with who was going to sit in the car.  The lines to sit in the car were long and there were parents that wanted to get the perfect pose for each of the children.  If the Hudson’s would have done that…we would still be at the school.  Gunner was the quickest, therefore, the quickest sat in the driver seat.  In this pic Reagan was standing in for Danica Patrick.  There was one 2nd grade girl who won a tire that belonged to Richard Petty, he even autographed it.

Look at that beautiful group of children!!  While they may be smiling now, just moments prior they were all fighting once again over who would be the driver…but, look at them grinning and baring it…it’s amazing what a stern word from daddy can do.

Now, I bet you will never guess where we went next…Baskin Robbins!!!  Fish and daddy love their mint chocolate chip, yummy!!!

Look at that little face…that is a face of pure contentment!!!  Is that not one of the cutest faces EVER!!!???

And now…Introducing the newest pirate…AAAARRRRH!!

 Lastly, a few updates…We are waiting on the results of Fisher’s allergy test.  We took him Thursday, hopefully we will know something by Monday.  And still waiting to see some sort of spout from our peppers and tomatoes…still nothing.  We are only on day 7, should see something soon…hopefully;-)  We have our spot in the yard picked out, and Gunner is going to start priming the wood of the gardening box this week…stay tuned… 

Almost forgot…Fish got his first busted eye.  Let’s just say Vixie and Naarah were playing alittle rough, unfortunately, Fisher received the brunt of it, but he is fine, obviously.


Vacation Bible School June 18, 2011

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This week the kids went to VBS at our church.  The theme was the Big Apple, so everything was based around New York.  When I asked Avaree what she learned she told me, she learned how to play hopscotch, Jesus, Peter, James, and John in the sail boat, wordless book, and Jesus dying on the cross…I’m sure there is so much more she has forgotten. 

Well, even though we have never been to the Big Apple, the kido’s were able to get their pics taken in Time Square,  Gunner got to drive a cab, Avaree got to be a passenger in the back of the cab.  What would New York be without visiting Lady Liberty?

Oh…there she is!  My, she certainly looks larger on television!!  God Bless America!!  I think they had quit an adventure, maybe one day soon we will all get to experience the Big Apple.

Next week, they get to go to VBS at their school.  The theme is race cars…Rev it Up, Full throttle for God.  Also, we are preparing to plant a garden…should be interesting.  We have tomatoes, cukes, spinach, peppers, carrots, lettuce, and squash…