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Twins field trip to the zoo… October 11, 2011

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Yesterday we chaperoned the twins field trip to Lowry Park Zoo.  We had a blast!!  The weather was beautiful, nice breeze and a little over cast, so it wasn’t to hot.  In Group #2 (which was our group) we had Gunner and Reagan as well as another set of boy, girl twins, and Faith who you may see as the cute little brunette.  If you notice behind Gunner and Reagan is an orangatang…he seemed to really enjoy getting his picture taken.  He just ignored us and continued about his business with his leaf and what not, watching all the animals walk by, probably thinking the same thing about us as we were of him…not sure what but something, like how come they don’t have hair all over them, anyway, moving along…

Here is the rest of the class.  All of them holding Flat Stanley, yes, even Stanley was able to come with us to the Zoo…Oh, silly Stanley!!  Behind Gunner’s head the lady is holding a Possum, yuck!!  And of course all the children wanted to pet it and kiss it…no matter how clean those things are there is just something creepy about them, maybe their beady eyes or nasty tail.  Susie and Will are the other set of twins, down on bottom right…Will is the one with his mouth wide open, which is how it was most of the day, he was always talking and ready to move on to the next thing.                                                                                        

I told you his mouth was opened most of the time.  Here we were in front of the bird atrium…I should have asked why did they put a kimono Dragon in front of the bird atrium…now that I think about it, that’s weird!  And wouldn’t you know it they put a gift shop in the front, so you walk through to go in and you have to walk out of the gift shop to leave, very clever!! 

In the back you will see Mrs. Newhard Gunner and Reagan’s teacher.  Very sweet lady!

Here is one of the birds in the atrium, it’s a Lorikeet.  Chad kept trying to get it to get on his finger, but he kept biting him.  Usually you can feed them, but of course when we got there they had just eaten.  Same thing happened with the Giraffes, they weren’t hungry.  All in all we had a great day!  Look forward to doing it again next year with Avaree…maybe the birds will be hungry…


Trip to the beach August 15, 2011

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Well…I believe we have some catching up to do!   The kidos and I have made a couple of trips to Honeymoon Island to enjoy a picnic, or lack there of.  I’m not sure how many of you have seen the movie…I think it may have been called “Birds” from the 60’s or 70’s maybe, anyway it’s about these birds that attack from what I have seen.  Let’s just say in all the years I have visited the beach, NEVER have I had a segal remove a whole sandwich from my hand…this actually happened to Reagan. 

Aside from being attack by these rabid demon birds, we had a great time, our children I think may actually be mermaids.  I am not an ocean swimmer to say the least, our babies couldn’t get enough, even Remi.  While we were at the beach Fisher was at home with Ms. Tina.  I’m not sure what all they did, but I’m pretty sure that Fisher cleaning out from under the kitchen table was probably one of their past times…he is a very diligent cleaner.

Here you will see how proud of himself he is, not just because he was able to squeeze himself through the chairs, but what a good job he did cleaning up the Kix…and he did it without grumbling or complaining, job well done Fish!!



Bowling… June 30, 2011

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Today we ventured out to Z-hylls to knock down some pins.  They all did great!!   The gentleman next to us gave the kidos some tips on proper bowling etiquette.  He was very nice about it.  Luckily we had the bumpers up…there would have been a few gutter balls.  There were a few ceiling tiles missing but for the most part we stayed in our own lane, except Nia-peah who attempted to knock down the pins in the lane next to us…you did good, girl!!!  We played hard, so hard that some had to take beverage breaks regularly…Remi, she was just soooooooooooo thirsty!!!  Some of the issues we had were minor, such as the fact that bowling shoes are just that, bowling shoes, they are not supposed to be pretty, I’m mean, really who would want to steal bowling shoes?  Bowling shoes do not come in boy colors, and they do not come in exact sizes.  There was some drama with the shoes.  

























And of course little Fish was there cheering everyone on.  Update for the fam on Fisher’s allergies…our sweet baby is allergic to, wheat, egg whites, peanuts, milk, this includes goats milk, he is also allergic to soy, and sadly he is allergic to the dogs:-(  Naarah is no longer permitted upstairs.  We have scheduled an appointment with an allergists July 13th.  At that time we will know more than we do now of what foods he can eat. Most important is to make sure he is getting his calcium for his little bones…he ate a little too many prunes today…lets just say, the boys’ colon is cleansed!!  I will say just since yesterday when we found out, he has had no dairy, and his bedroom has been cleaned of hopefully most of the dog hair, and he sounds better, has hardly coughed at all, and did not have to wipe his nose once…will continue to keep everyone up to date with how he is doing.  Chad was saying we should certainly count our blessing…6 kids and the worst we’ve dealt with is food allergies, God is great!!!!




Things we like to do at the library… June 12, 2011

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Chad and I thought that Reagan was in need of a mommy day.  So, what better way to start a day than a mani and pedi?

We really enjoyed our time together, Rea is a girl after my own heart.  What girl doesn’t enjoy being pampered?  She had a lot of fun with her nail colors.  Purple glitter for her toes and red glitter for her nails.

After a couple of hours of rejuvenating our feet and hands, it was time to meet the other half of our precious flock to stimulate our sight with some reading…off to the library!

Today we discovered there is so much more to do at our local library than just read.  A few of our friends met us at the library, so socializing…quietly of course, is something we do at the library.  Here you will see that Avaree and our friend Claire are discussing a few good books and videos they enjoy while they are at the library, as Reagan actual reads at the library…what a concept!

Sometimes napping is even done at the library as you will witness.  So, sleeping is something you can do at the library…

Sssssshhhh…baby sleeping.  Now as you will also see below something to do quietly at the library is make funny faces…

Lastly, they have story time for babies at the library…

The cute little blonde in this picture is Fisher future wife, we’re going back to arranged marriages, that’s Caris…she’s a cutie!!


A day of discovery… June 8, 2011

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This week we are going to visit the Glazer’s Children’s Museum.  This Summer the museum is doing $2 Tuesdays.  The first Tuesday of the month, each person, child or adult gets in for $2.

Let me start off saying…there is no deal good enough to have to wait in a line that wraps around the building in 95 degree heat, humid heat at that with 5 complaining children!!!!  We will not be going on a Tuesday to the Glazers Childrens Museum.  The museum itself was awsome, the crowd however was not.  It was very overwhelmimg trying to keep up with all the kidos…they loved it!!  Todays lesson was definitely patience, I think, on a scale of 1-10 I was a 7, not bad.

Rock climbing in their future?  Only a Hudson kid would attempt to rock climb without her shoes. 

No, this is not a litter box, it is an area for the kids to explore what is suppose to be buried treasure, some of which appears to be something a kitten may have buried.  It was actually very neat.  The sand inside was tiny pieces of rubber, which is a good thing being that the children in there were tossing sand at one another.  Mackie is stricking a pose for the camera, she is the artifical beach diva…and don’t you forget it! 

Ahoy!!  Reagan posing as a pirate…she definitely fits the part with her missing incisor, a cute pirate, arrrrh!

What would a day to the museum be without treating oursevles to some Basken Robbins…Yum Yum!!!



We all had fun today, it was a great day!  We’ll definitely return, just not on a Tuesday…