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Twins field trip to the zoo… October 11, 2011

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Yesterday we chaperoned the twins field trip to Lowry Park Zoo.  We had a blast!!  The weather was beautiful, nice breeze and a little over cast, so it wasn’t to hot.  In Group #2 (which was our group) we had Gunner and Reagan as well as another set of boy, girl twins, and Faith who you may see as the cute little brunette.  If you notice behind Gunner and Reagan is an orangatang…he seemed to really enjoy getting his picture taken.  He just ignored us and continued about his business with his leaf and what not, watching all the animals walk by, probably thinking the same thing about us as we were of him…not sure what but something, like how come they don’t have hair all over them, anyway, moving along…

Here is the rest of the class.  All of them holding Flat Stanley, yes, even Stanley was able to come with us to the Zoo…Oh, silly Stanley!!  Behind Gunner’s head the lady is holding a Possum, yuck!!  And of course all the children wanted to pet it and kiss it…no matter how clean those things are there is just something creepy about them, maybe their beady eyes or nasty tail.  Susie and Will are the other set of twins, down on bottom right…Will is the one with his mouth wide open, which is how it was most of the day, he was always talking and ready to move on to the next thing.                                                                                        

I told you his mouth was opened most of the time.  Here we were in front of the bird atrium…I should have asked why did they put a kimono Dragon in front of the bird atrium…now that I think about it, that’s weird!  And wouldn’t you know it they put a gift shop in the front, so you walk through to go in and you have to walk out of the gift shop to leave, very clever!! 

In the back you will see Mrs. Newhard Gunner and Reagan’s teacher.  Very sweet lady!

Here is one of the birds in the atrium, it’s a Lorikeet.  Chad kept trying to get it to get on his finger, but he kept biting him.  Usually you can feed them, but of course when we got there they had just eaten.  Same thing happened with the Giraffes, they weren’t hungry.  All in all we had a great day!  Look forward to doing it again next year with Avaree…maybe the birds will be hungry…


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