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Great start, to a new school year!! October 3, 2011

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Remi and her posse on her birthday…this year we had a purplicious birthday.  She enjoyed her purple cupcakes!!

Starting from the left is sweet little Avaree, Mack a Doo, our neighbor Abby, Maddie, one of Remi’s friends from school, Claire, Kaydence Remi’s bestfriend, Nia her cousin, and last but not least Rae Rae. 

 I know it’s been awhile since we’ve  posted anything, With school starting, football finishing (praise Jesus!)  oh, did I say that out loud?  So, here is a little bit of what has been going on in the Hudson’s house.  Fisher is still not walking.  He has a full mouth of teeth, can snap his fingers, can say a couple of small phrases, but yes you heard me correctly, no desire to walk…none!!  But who would walk if any time they pooted someone picked them up to carry them?  Not sure what Fisher was eating, but he had it all over his face!   He is so precious though, it’s hard not to want to squeeze him.  He has the sweetest personality and loves to just cuddle, and give kisses.  We are still trying to figure out what is causing his skin to break out to badly, he is constently scratching.  We have changed everything he eats, logging anything that causes a reaction, now I am even making homemade laundry detergent.  We will be full fledge tree hugger before this is all over.  We find things he really likes, and stick with it…the list is very small.  We have found sunbutter which has replaced peanut butter and he loves it!!  We have a brown rice bread that he devours, I’m glad he likes it because it’s like stale bread.  We are learning that there are all types of foods now to cater to people with food allergies…even cake mix!!  Today I bought him some noodles.  He loves Ring Pops!!!  As you will see below…On a different note we would like to introduce you all to Flat Stanley, the reason we are introducing Stanley to you so because he may be coming to visit you…so, don’t be surprised if Stanley doesn’t show up in your mailbox.  Below you will see that Stanley went to work with Chad, he was very helpful.  Now keep in mind you will not have both Stanley’s, so please don’t feel overwhelmed,  they have come to our house twice and they are very well behaved!  As you see they wash dishes,  bake, and if you need some wood cut they are also very handy with a wood splitter.  No job too big for Stanley.











One Response to “Great start, to a new school year!!”

  1. Sherry young Says:

    What is happening to all the teeth? I saw some front ones gone. Fisher may have to chew some things up for them. The can walk for him and he can chew for them. I am anxious to hear more about Stanley. Beautiful birthday girl. Love all of you,
    aunt Sherry

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