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Fort Wilderness 2011… August 19, 2011

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On most trips to Fort Wilderness we spend most of our time at the campground.  This trip a very dear friend of our family provided us with  tickets to go to Disney, so we were able to enjoy the Magic Kingdom, and because of the pool at Fort Wilderness being the temp. of a luke warm bath (don’t want to put too much thought into why), we decided to do some pool hoping around disney resorts.  This pic was us getting on the ferry to go over to the Contemporary, which is the hotel where the Disney monorail travels through.

To the right you will see Remi and Mack enjoying a little snack while the others kidos went with Daddy to rife Space Mountain.  I have to say Reagan, Avaree, and Gunner went on SM twice, once with Dad and then again with Mom.

After a day of sweating in your diaper, what could be more relaxing than a nice bath in your garden tub?  We had the pleasure of family and some friends come and visit while we were in Orlando, we even had Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ron from Kentucky come as well. 


Oh look, it’s the scurvy pirates, or is that Jack Sparo? 
To be continued…


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