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Second Date… July 9, 2011

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Our second date is “real physical beauty”, our verse is Song of Songs 6:8-9 Sixty queens there may be and eight concubines and virgins beyond number; but my dove, my perfect one, is unique. I was just relieved they did not ask me what a virgin was…thank you Lord!!   We talked about how God has made us all different and unique, so part of our date was to get pampered.

After we did our pedicures, we later did facials…I did facials on Mackinley and Reagan and then, they did a facial on mommy…

Before our facials the girls and I looked in the mirror to admire our uniqueness.  Mackinley’s dimples and beautiful big eyes, and Reagan’s pouty lips with her little beauty mark and her little bald spot on her head where she tells everyone God kissed her.  I let them look through a teen vogue and seventeen magazine…don’t judge me!!  I removed the pages that were too inappropriate.  The point was to show them how the world portrays false beauty, how these magazines are altered to enhance false beauty and remove the uniqueness from the pics, which is what makes us beautiful.

We still have to finish our devo, and as a gift to Mackinley we gave her a bag of scrapbook materials to record our memories of God’s masterpiece.


2 Responses to “Second Date…”

  1. Nona Hudson Says:

    What beautiful girls you are and remember that God looks on the heart and not the outward appearance. You all are beautiful inside and out. Looks like it was a fun day as well as a learning day in God’s Word. Thank you Mommy for being such a Godly Mommy!!!!

  2. Nona Hudson Says:

    That is such a sweet little spot Reagan and that is for sure where God kissed you and made you unique and special!!!!

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