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Our baby boy is growing up… July 9, 2011

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It’s hard to believe a year ago Fish was born into this world.  What a precious face…

Fisher was able to enjoy some cake for his birthday, gluten, milk, and soy free…delightful!!  Truthfully it wasn’t half bad.  He didn’t seem to care, he was a little hesitant at first, like he is with any food you put in front of him, but once he got a little taste of the chocolate on top…it was gone!!  There were even a few other brave little people who decided to try it. 

I thought this was so sweet, Gunner giving his baby brother a little rub on his head…he is so proud to have another little man is the family, also appearing to be patiently waiting and wishing he would hurry up and take the first bite of his cupcake were the little people waiting behind him so that they could get their pick of the cupcakes…

Fisher waiting for his birthday kiss from his little woman…actually they didn’t want much to do with one another, usually Caris is trying to tackle him and he is screaming.  Fisher was more fascinated with Daddy’s pen, and Caris was looking around for her mama.



2 Responses to “Our baby boy is growing up…”

  1. Nona Hudson Says:

    Oh so thankful for our little angel and that he looks so much like his Daddy when he was one. Gunner looks like Mommy and Fisher like Daddy. Isn’t that just the way God works? He is so good, all the time!!!! Thank you Chad and Stacey for blessing us with this wonderful little guy!

  2. Nona Hudson Says:

    You all sure know how to throw a party!!!!!! Thanks for getting such a great party together to celebrate Fish and our country’s birthday all at the same time!!!!! Uncle Rick and Aunt Helesi said they loved being with all of us and are thankful call us all family!!!!! Love you all so much, it hurts!!!! Mimi

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