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Bowling… June 30, 2011

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Today we ventured out to Z-hylls to knock down some pins.  They all did great!!   The gentleman next to us gave the kidos some tips on proper bowling etiquette.  He was very nice about it.  Luckily we had the bumpers up…there would have been a few gutter balls.  There were a few ceiling tiles missing but for the most part we stayed in our own lane, except Nia-peah who attempted to knock down the pins in the lane next to us…you did good, girl!!!  We played hard, so hard that some had to take beverage breaks regularly…Remi, she was just soooooooooooo thirsty!!!  Some of the issues we had were minor, such as the fact that bowling shoes are just that, bowling shoes, they are not supposed to be pretty, I’m mean, really who would want to steal bowling shoes?  Bowling shoes do not come in boy colors, and they do not come in exact sizes.  There was some drama with the shoes.  

























And of course little Fish was there cheering everyone on.  Update for the fam on Fisher’s allergies…our sweet baby is allergic to, wheat, egg whites, peanuts, milk, this includes goats milk, he is also allergic to soy, and sadly he is allergic to the dogs:-(  Naarah is no longer permitted upstairs.  We have scheduled an appointment with an allergists July 13th.  At that time we will know more than we do now of what foods he can eat. Most important is to make sure he is getting his calcium for his little bones…he ate a little too many prunes today…lets just say, the boys’ colon is cleansed!!  I will say just since yesterday when we found out, he has had no dairy, and his bedroom has been cleaned of hopefully most of the dog hair, and he sounds better, has hardly coughed at all, and did not have to wipe his nose once…will continue to keep everyone up to date with how he is doing.  Chad was saying we should certainly count our blessing…6 kids and the worst we’ve dealt with is food allergies, God is great!!!!




2 Responses to “Bowling…”

  1. Sherry Young Says:

    This looks like so much fun. What a mommy you are to take all of them bowling +one.
    High fashion shoes, wow.
    How can a sweet baby with such a happy smile at all times have food allergies but with care and cleaning he’ll be better that you know the problem.
    I absolutely love this blog. So does Nancy and everyone else I’m sending it to.
    Love, Aunt Sherry

  2. nona hudson Says:

    Oh so sweet and that must have been a great day of fun!!!! I am so thankful for the blog and getting to enjoy it even when I cannot be there. What a fun day we all had at Aunt Shanna and Uncle Alaric’s house yesterday. More fun on the agenda today!!!! Mimi loves them all!!!!!!

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