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LOLCS Vacation Bible School June 26, 2011

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This weeks VBS was, Full Throttle for God.  Their school had a couple of race cars that the kids were able to actually sit in.  Obviously, we had some issues with who was going to sit in the car.  The lines to sit in the car were long and there were parents that wanted to get the perfect pose for each of the children.  If the Hudson’s would have done that…we would still be at the school.  Gunner was the quickest, therefore, the quickest sat in the driver seat.  In this pic Reagan was standing in for Danica Patrick.  There was one 2nd grade girl who won a tire that belonged to Richard Petty, he even autographed it.

Look at that beautiful group of children!!  While they may be smiling now, just moments prior they were all fighting once again over who would be the driver…but, look at them grinning and baring it…it’s amazing what a stern word from daddy can do.

Now, I bet you will never guess where we went next…Baskin Robbins!!!  Fish and daddy love their mint chocolate chip, yummy!!!

Look at that little face…that is a face of pure contentment!!!  Is that not one of the cutest faces EVER!!!???

And now…Introducing the newest pirate…AAAARRRRH!!

 Lastly, a few updates…We are waiting on the results of Fisher’s allergy test.  We took him Thursday, hopefully we will know something by Monday.  And still waiting to see some sort of spout from our peppers and tomatoes…still nothing.  We are only on day 7, should see something soon…hopefully;-)  We have our spot in the yard picked out, and Gunner is going to start priming the wood of the gardening box this week…stay tuned… 

Almost forgot…Fish got his first busted eye.  Let’s just say Vixie and Naarah were playing alittle rough, unfortunately, Fisher received the brunt of it, but he is fine, obviously.


2 Responses to “LOLCS Vacation Bible School”

  1. Nona Hudson Says:

    I have been waiting and waiting, what took you so long? Just kidding. I am just anxious! They are so sweet and are great about getting their picture made. I am glad Gunner got to the race car first. He deserved it! Even if he won’t give Mimi a hug and kiss!!!! Fisher is starting to fit right in with his bruises and black eyes. He will be tough like the rest. I can believe Reagan would be following in Danica Patrick’s footsteps! We will have veggies before we know it, I am getting my salad bowl ready, will you all share? Love you all so much, Mimi Prov. 3:5,6

  2. Sherry young Says:

    This is the coolest thing for you to do a blog. It is so fun looking forward to the next. I can’t believe those perfect and precious children would ever be fighting. Fisher is the sweetest and I bet he’ll take his part, but with the dogs????
    What an exciting 2 weeks of Bible schools.
    Plenty of water, sunshine and love and that garden will grow. What a good idea Miss creative, you go girl.
    I love you all,
    Aunt sherry.

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