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Vacation Bible School June 18, 2011

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This week the kids went to VBS at our church.  The theme was the Big Apple, so everything was based around New York.  When I asked Avaree what she learned she told me, she learned how to play hopscotch, Jesus, Peter, James, and John in the sail boat, wordless book, and Jesus dying on the cross…I’m sure there is so much more she has forgotten. 

Well, even though we have never been to the Big Apple, the kido’s were able to get their pics taken in Time Square,  Gunner got to drive a cab, Avaree got to be a passenger in the back of the cab.  What would New York be without visiting Lady Liberty?

Oh…there she is!  My, she certainly looks larger on television!!  God Bless America!!  I think they had quit an adventure, maybe one day soon we will all get to experience the Big Apple.

Next week, they get to go to VBS at their school.  The theme is race cars…Rev it Up, Full throttle for God.  Also, we are preparing to plant a garden…should be interesting.  We have tomatoes, cukes, spinach, peppers, carrots, lettuce, and squash…


One Response to “Vacation Bible School”

  1. Nona Hudson Says:

    Oh my, that looks like so much fun and what adorable little travelers. They look great in the Big Apple and I am sure one day they will go there but for now, that looked like loads of fun. What a blessing VBS is for the children and for the teachers!!! Love you all so………..much and cannot wait to see you all! Mimi

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