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Visit from Poppie & Grammy… June 12, 2011

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This weekend we have the privilege of celebrating Great-Aunt Ruth’s 90th birthday as well as visiting with same family we don’t  see often enough.  First we get a nice visit with Poppie and Grammy Fisher…









Sharing some ice-cream with Poppie, not sure how much Poppie actually got, or should I say how much Fisher got…in his mouth.  We had fun and look forward to tomorrow with the fam at Myakka River State Park, should be hot and a lot of fun!! 


2 Responses to “Visit from Poppie & Grammy…”

  1. Nona Hudson Says:

    Love these pictures and I think Fisher likes ice cream. By the way where is the ice cream freezer? Just had to kid you a little!!! Thanks Grammy for all the facebook pictures too!!! Love you all, Mimi

  2. Grammy Says:

    A busy weekend for sure, not enough time to spend with all of you. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Keep the postings coming.

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