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Things we like to do at the library… June 12, 2011

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Chad and I thought that Reagan was in need of a mommy day.  So, what better way to start a day than a mani and pedi?

We really enjoyed our time together, Rea is a girl after my own heart.  What girl doesn’t enjoy being pampered?  She had a lot of fun with her nail colors.  Purple glitter for her toes and red glitter for her nails.

After a couple of hours of rejuvenating our feet and hands, it was time to meet the other half of our precious flock to stimulate our sight with some reading…off to the library!

Today we discovered there is so much more to do at our local library than just read.  A few of our friends met us at the library, so socializing…quietly of course, is something we do at the library.  Here you will see that Avaree and our friend Claire are discussing a few good books and videos they enjoy while they are at the library, as Reagan actual reads at the library…what a concept!

Sometimes napping is even done at the library as you will witness.  So, sleeping is something you can do at the library…

Sssssshhhh…baby sleeping.  Now as you will also see below something to do quietly at the library is make funny faces…

Lastly, they have story time for babies at the library…

The cute little blonde in this picture is Fisher future wife, we’re going back to arranged marriages, that’s Caris…she’s a cutie!!


One Response to “Things we like to do at the library…”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Oh my goodness, you could not give Mimi a better gift than this blog, thank you so much and keep them coming. I love you all so much and miss those funny and sweet faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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