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Counting our blessings in the chaos… June 5, 2011

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My name is Stacey, I have lived in Florida for the full thirty-six years of my life, most in the little town of Land O Lakes, and may I add that I had HUGE plans for my life!  One of my plans was to leave this town and find a more exciting life.  Apparently, the Good Lord had the same plan, because it just so happens that I live a VERY exciting life!  My name is screamed by many people…they go by the names of Mackinley(8), Reagan and Gunner(6), Avaree (5), Remi (3), and Fisher (11mos), all day, everyday and our life is very exciting, some would call it chaos! 

Chad and I met in February of 2000, and were married August 2001.  In ten years we have taken fruitful and multiply very seriously!!  When we married we both knew we wanted to have a large family.  To me, large was 3 or 4, to Chad, that meant 10 or 12.  I’d say we met somewhere in the middle.  God has truly blessed us with 6 healthy, energetic children, it is rarely easy.  Honestly, there are many days when I would like to lock myself in my closet, but when one day ends a new one begins and I can’t imagine our life without them.  I have really felt lead to share my love of my family, our daily trials, where God can use our chaos and transform it into a masterpiece. 

We are officially out of school for the summer, and let me tell you I am about ready to send them back.  I was looking forward to sleeping in…fat chance!!  A dear friend of mine has been passing on these “helpful” blogs that these moms write about  different activities to do with your children. It wore me out reading them.  I have put together a calendar with a few different activities to do with them during the week, including some fieldtrips, but my goodness we are to teach our children it’s healthy  to entertain themselves…it’s good for them…and it gives some of us a few brief, very brief moments to use the bathroom.   I’m not too sure how our masterpieces will turn out, I should take before and after pictures of me, before and how well I held up in the after…I hope you stick around!!

Hopefully, you found my blog helpful.  It was and is intended for my family, friends, and other moms that need encouragement and strength.  2 Corinthians 12:9 says My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 

Rest in His Peace,



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